Software Solutions for the Health and Beauty Industry

History of Innovation

In the mid 1980s, when personal computers were just coming into the marketplace, the founders of Nuco Corp. envisoned the potential of these new tools as ideal for spa and salon businesses. We developed and began to market a software system uniquely suited to the day to day workings of salons and spas.

In the 1990s we introduced the industry's first and only subscription model for software licensing, providing our customers with upgrades, technical support and optional services all at a low monthly rate.

We continue to stay on the cutting edge - leaders in low pricing, high value and new technology - bringing to the spa and salon industry innovations that specifically benefit this unique long-standing market:

  • current with the newest Windows OS
  • automation to save manhours and reduce mistakes
  • the latest Internet based services
  • trend-based marketing such as gift cards and loyalty program tools
  • the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry
  • live, phone-based technical support

Technology Leading to Value

Our team of information technology professionals and spa/salon owners built a proprietary software package from the ground up, incorporating a powerful, robust, relational database structure that integrates all data and functions of the business. Always operating on the latest Windows platform, our systems coordinate workstation, network and Internet functions seamlessly, saving hundreds of hours and often thousands of our customers' dollars every year.


Nuco Corp. was founded by spa and salon owner/managers who were experienced and knowledgeable about the intricacies of running these specialized, service businesses. To this day we market the fastest selling software in the industry.


Perhaps the feature our customers like best is our always live, phone-based set up and technical support. Voice mail is not an option. Instead, our knowledgeable, US-based staff answer every call and work with our clients not only to answer questions and solve their software issues, but to help with hardware and networking concerns as well. This person-to-person direct communication is a major competitive advantage in an industry built on highly personal service.